Misty Heavy Duty Glass Cleaner RTU

Misty HD Glass clnr RTU GalItem #

Ready to use – This versatile, extra strength product is the one product for even the toughest glass cleaning applications. Windows, glass, windshields, mirrors, displays, counters, and more are easily cleaned of dirt, grease, oil, smudges, fingerprints, lipstick, and other stubborn deposits. The non-ammoniated formula is safe on plastics and Plexiglas to make it an excellent choice for a CRT cleaner. It even removes paint over spray, nicotine film, and insects when used on vehicles and is safe on window and windshield tinting film. The advanced chemistry provides professional quality cleaning without streaking, smearing, hazing or leaving behind any residue or film.

Gallon¬† –¬† 4 Gallons per Case