Floor Squeegees

straight floor squeegees       Flo-Pac Straight Floor Squeegee

Black rubber blade for daily liquid clean up.                                                          24″ (Item #2711)    36″ (Item #2712)

curved floor squeegee         Flo-Pac Curved Floor Squeegee

Single-blade design. Curved end controls liquids better. Metal frame.  24″ (Item #2713)    36″ (Item #2714)

water wand            Unger Water Wand Floor Squeegee

Screw-locking socket and twin natural foam-rubber blade.                        22″ (Item #2701)    30″ (Item #2706)

brush squeegee              22″ Brush Floor Squeegee (Item #2716)

Squeegee and brush in one. Acid-resistant, non-corroding. Double black foam-rubber squeegee is perfect for drying tiles and grout lines.